Simulation Middleware Benefits 

Break free from proprietary black-box image generator technology and deliver cutting-edge training using high-quality, low cost, VR/AR-enhanced COTS gaming technology with the real-time 3D engines.

Our simulation middleware connects real-time 3D game engine technology to simulation systems to create more realistic, dynamic and immersive training applications.

Software plugins for game engines provide enhanced capabilities for large world visualization, 3D model reusibility, and simulation communication standards compliance.

Users can immediately take advantage of the latest immersive visualization technologies, such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or Mixed Reality.

Why Choose Us? is making rapid progress disrupting stagnant markets with innovative solutions to save development time, reduce program costs, and improve real-world outcomes through cutting-edge simulations.


  • participates in the OGC Interoperable Simulation and Gaming Sprint.

  • joins the Open Geospatial Consortium.

  • is selected to exhibit at the AFWERX Engage Space showcase.

  • is awarded an Epic MegaGrant to support CDB in the Unreal Engine.

  • is accepted into second-stage accelerator, StarterStudio Seed Fund.

  • participates in USAF Future of Wargaming Challenge, and the team moves to the Finalist stage.

  • participates in SOFWERX 3D Geospatial Technology Sprint I.

  • exhibits for the first time at Synapse in Tampa.

  • exhibits for the first time at Otronicon.


  • and Unity present at I/ITSEC Launch Pad.

  • exhibits at I/ITSEC 2019 with Real-Time Innovations (RTI).

  • presents at the VA/AR Association Showcase in Orlando.

  • demonstrates at AFWERX Fusion as part of Multi-Domain Operations Challenge.

  • presents at SIMTIM.

  • and Real-Time innovations demonstrate multi-level security capability using DDS, CIGI, and Unity.

  • presents at CDB Developer Workshop at SOFWERX.

  • demonstrates at USSOCOM 19-2 Technology Experimentation Event​.

  • demonstrates for the first time at the Amazing Grace Defense Symposium.

  • demonstrates at Simulation Innovation Workshop.

  • is awarded a Phase I SBIR contract through AFWERX.


  • exhibits at I/ITSEC 2018 along with other UCF Incubator companies.

  • exhibits at OrlandoiX.

  • presents at Simulation Innovation Workshop.

  • collaboration is awarded Best Paper at MODSIM World 2018.

  • develops CIGI Host Emulator.

  • develops One World SDK for Unity.

  • teams with Tenosar and is awarded an OTA for the U.S. Army's Synthetic Training Environment One World Terrain prototype.


  • participates in Operation Blended Warrior at I/ITSEC 2017.

  • participates in TechMatch.

  • exhibits for the first time at OrlandoiX.

  • demonstrates for the first time at the NCS Industry Capability Day.

  • competes at UCF Joust semifinals.

  • builds initial version of OpenFlight Importer SDK for Unity.


  • is accepted in the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program at Research Park.

  • Starter Studio Class 6 cohort presents during Demo Day at Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando.

  • presents at Simulation Innovation Workshop.

  • is accepted into Starter Studio accelerator.

  • graduates from UCF Excellence in Entrepreneurship program.

  • begins developing CIGI SDK for Unity.

  • officially launches company in June 2016.