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CIGI SDK for Unreal

Enables C++ support for the Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) simulation communication standard

Supports CIGI 3.3 and CIGI 4.0

Leverage your existing host software

Full source code provided in C++


​Host to IG Packets

  • IG Control

  • Entity Control

  • Entity Position

  • Articulated Part Control

  • View Control

  • Velocity Control

  • Acceleration Control

  • Weather Control

  • Celestial Sphere Control

  • HAT\HOT Request

  • Line of Sight Request

  • Collision Detection

  • Component Control

  • Symbol Control

IG to Host Packets

  • Start of Frame

  • HAT\HOT Response

  • Line of Sight Response

  • Position Response

  • Weather Conditions Response

  • Aerosol Concentration Response

  • Maritime Surface Conditions Response

  • Terrestrial Surface Conditions Response

  • Collision Detection Notification

  • Animation Stop Notification

  • Event Notification

The CIGI SDK for Unreal works well with the Host Emulator.


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