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 CDB Datasmith Exporter for Unreal

Supports the Common Database (CDB) standard, managed by the Open Geospatial Consortium


Compliant with the latest version of CDB

Visualize CDB datasets from multiple vendors in Unreal

Quickly and easily load existing CDB content into Unreal

The Los Angeles CDB terrain in this video is provided by VATCWith the CDB Datasmith Exporter for Unreal, geospatial content can be consumed quickly and rendered at interactive rates. 

CDB Datasmith Export Process into Unreal

The CDB Datasmith Exporter is a tool external to Unreal to process selected CDB content and export into the Unreal Datasmith format for immediate use in the Unreal Editor. This is the preferred method for small CDB areas or when enhancing the scene using the Unreal Editor is desired.

Epic_MegaGrants_Recipient_logo.png was awarded an Epic MegaGrant to support the development of this project.

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