Enables customers to import and directly load OpenFlight 3D models and geospatial terrain databases into the Unity game engine using our exclusive, one-step conversion process.

Reuse investments in validated 3D models and geospatial terrain

Accelerate innovation using out-of-the-box functionality from the AAA-rated Unity game engine 

Multi-platform support including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, & Mixed Reality devices

Expand your content option using (.FLT) files from leading vendors such as Simthetiq and AVT Simulation

Supports the Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) communication standard within the Unity game engine for high-quality, cost-effective LVC training. Connect your cutting-edge Unity solutions with existing simulation host systems.

Enables customers to meets CIGI requirements.

Compliance with approved CIGI SISO standard.

Supports multiple versions of CIGI including 3.3 and 4.0.

Major packets are handled out of the box with customization available for non-standard packets. 

Full source-code access available.

Whole Earth visualization using commercial gaming technology that supports efficient import and update of large terrain and model datasets.

Leverage innovation of COTS Unity game engine

High resolution imagery and elevation data

High-performance streaming terrain

Supports WGS-84 geodetic coordinates

Commercial and defense content formats are supported including FBX, OBJ, OpenFlight, SE Core, and NPSI.


Tests functionality of the communication between Host and Image Generators and can support testing Image Generators that can use CIGI 4.0.

Send CIGI 4.0 messages using a simple User Interface.

Setup message sequences using a modern scripting language.

Load databases, control entities, and manipulate weather.

Joystick support to move and rotate entities.


Load CDB databases in the Unity game engine. CDB is managed by the Open Geospatial Consortium.