Are you ready to break free from the proprietary, “black box” prison?

globe.jpg specializes in connecting commercial gaming technology with military simulation training systems through our support of industry standards for 3D models, geospatial terrain, and communication interoperability.

Whole-Earth Visualization for Simulation and Training Use Cases

Simulation Problems

Legacy Systems

Outdated systems lack interoperability and visual capabilities.

Costly "Black-Boxes"

Expensive runtime license and software service fees. Tools cannot be modified.

Ecosystem Entrapment

Stuck using several products from single vendor.

The Solution - Simulation Middleware

Break the Chains

Connect to the latest real-time 3D game engine technology without being locked-in to a single, proprietary vendor.


Develop more realistic, dynamic, and immersive training that will meet end user expectations - without breaking the bank.


Ability to modify and connect with existing systems and content.


Leverage latest commercial tools, assemble the best pieces, and create flexible and effective training solutions.